Friday, January 13, 2012

Finding the time

I am obsessed with interior design ... on TV, books, online - but especially in magazines. I think because i can touch and smell and it's the whole experience of time to myself, sitting on the couch with a huge cup of tea. I collect piles of them and then, every few months when the basket is spilling over, i go through and choose which ones to keep and which ones to tear pages out of.

Ideas of homes or paintings or just things I love. I think part of it is that when i'm paging through photos of other people's homes, i get a glimpse into other people's worlds and lives ... and I get to dream. About having that sofa or that beautiful cup to drink my eat out of. Sitting on that beach on those driftwood chairs or having a barbeque at sunset with my family all around me. I daydream and i think 'one day' .. 'if only' and it's good, that feeling of hope - of thinking I could have that too, if i wanted, one day. And sometimes there is a leaf or a shape or a beautiful photo and i dash to my studio, feeling that buzz of wanting to capture an idea quickly, before it slips away.

I love the family home of Ben Fogle, especially the patchwork couch (perfect for rainy days drinking tea and reading magazines)  ... it's from the Feb '11 issue of British magazine Living etc - one of my all time favorites.

Yesterday was rainy, a perfect magazine day for me, and lots of tea (and Handy Manny tools thrown in of course).

The thing is, it's hard to find time for me right now. Husband working loooong hours and weekends, and I am kind of single parenting right now ... which I am not complaining about because usually it's a lot mroe balanced and i get a few hours a week to do my thing. But not right now. And somehow the house is always messy and there are always chores to be done. Or games to play.

I try to paint when my daughter goes to pre-school, 6 precious hours a week. But sometimes there are dentist appointments or friends I really want to see. It's hard - this balancing act.

So i go into the studio and sometimes all i do is 15 minutes of playing, letting things happen. And sometimes I have the best accidents and sometimes I spend all my time putting paint on, only to take it off again.

 ... the scraping off ... 

... and the happy accidents...

And so it goes. That's the story of my week.

Hoping you get to have a little special pocket of time to yourself this weekend to do something you really really want to. And a little time to play.


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