Friday, January 6, 2012

A little bit of Sparkly

I have a daughter, Lexi, who is 2. All of a sudden, it's become about choosing her own clothes, dressing herself, pink and princesses and everything shiny. It's really cute and altho I am not at all girly in that way, i really love it. Maybe because it allows me to play along a little bit, which is good for my grown-up-soul.

A few days ago we went to Target and while we were looking for snow-boots she fell in love with a pair of sparkly pink princess shoes. She started sobbing when we couldn't find them in her size and I said we had to go. Tears streaming down her cheeks. I found a box at the back of the shelf and the joy on her little face was priceless. She clutched the box all the way round the store and is completely and utterly in love with her new shoes.

Today she wore them to pre-school - totally impractical for playing outside in the almost freezing cold, but she insisted and I said, just for today, it was OK. 

At college a good friend of mine had a pair of red high heeled shoes - a kind of grown-up version of Lexi's pink sparkly ones. They had impossibly high heels and sequins and satin - completely not the kind of shoes she ever wore, but she had to have them and they were always on a shelf high up in her room. A little whisper from inside - the little girl who loved to play and have things pretty and shiny and not always practical. I loved that she kept them there, on display for us all to see.

Sometimes when we grow up, life becomes so much about being sensible and mature and doing the practical thing. Sometimes we let it get a little grey and mundane. Maybe it's a good thing for all of us to let a little of the pink sparkly into our lives ...  a reminder to play ... to laugh a little ... to have fun and to let ourselves be in love with something beautiful and magical for no reason other than that it makes us smile and feel a little giggly inside. 

Wishing you a weekend with a bit of sparkly thrown in.



Joy said...

congratulations silvia! i can't wait to see what you do! i am soooo happy for you that you finally took the big step.

Elizabeth GLZ said...

Congratulations and so glad to meet you. I am in a different stage in life with a 17 months granddaughter. This is the first girl in our home and this shoe story is something I will be enjoying,too. She loves shoes and sometimes she wants to sleep with a sparkle Dorothy shoes. So nice to read your blog. Enjoy!

Juliette Crane said...

just rereading the wizard of oz and loving those sparkly shoes! your blog looks beautiful...i just adore all of the fun color! thank you for the inspiration!

xo, juliette

Silvia Byrne said...

Thanks everyone ... Juliette that is such a co-incidence (or not!) .. i have a copy of Wizard of Oz for my son, it's been in a box for a long time waiting till he is ready ... with all the holiday gifts and packing somehow the book ended up in my studio space (which is also storage and sorting and all of those fun things) ... on the morning you posted your comment i found the book on my floor, just lying there ... guess it's time for me to read it again too. x