Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Journeys

For the longest time, I have thought about this blog and never started writing it. What i would call it. What I would write. Would anyone ever want to read what I have to say. What do i have to say ? What is the point in starting another blog when there are so many amazing voices online already. What gives me the right as a stay-at-home mom who is just dabbling in painting ? No professional letters behind my name, nothing to give me credibility. Why do i even want to ?

That's the problem sometimes with starting something new ... the not-knowing. Not having all the answers. Not knowing where the journey will end up. Not having a map and heading out anyway. Not knowing where the dirt roads will lead and not knowing if there will be amazing adventures on the way, or if the trip will be quiet and uneventful. Trusting in the adventures and realizing that sometimes quiet has a place too. Not knowing what to pack but hoping that what is needed will turn up somehow, at the right time. 

It's not so easy to do that - to throw a bag together and head out the door ... but here i go. No map. No GPS. On a road so many have driven on before me but hoping i'll find some adventures of my own, some dirt roads and off-the-beaten-track. Music and coffee and a chocolate bar for just-in-case. 

I haven't figured out all details - how to link to blogs I follow or to photos of my work ... I haven't laid it all out with photos to go along, and made it all perfect before I publish this first post ... and that's not usually how I go ... usually, i have to have it all planned out first. But there's a first time for everything and sometimes the best trips are the ones we take at the last minute, without a guide book or a perfectly packed suitcase.

Bag thrown in the car, the music is on loud. Wind in my hair and the road is calling. Off i go. 



Nelly said...

Yeah, I am your first follower! Love the banner! The hardest part is the starting, keep it up. Can't wait to see what you are working on. Hugs!

dandelion dreamer said...

well done for getting here!

Jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Silvia, congratz!! I am so happy for you on this new adventure. :) Looking forward to connect with you more. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


Debbie said...

Great Job Silvia!!
So happy that it is all coming together for you!! Look forward to getting to know you!!


Steph said...

Woohoo! What a beautiful banner.

Congratulations on taking the leap! : )

Silvia Byrne said...

Thank you SO much everyone - what a lovely supportive start. x

Lisa D. said...

Welcome to your first of many blog posts.

Baxter's Mom said...

Left a comment last night...but don't see it now. Oh well, welcome to Blogland! You've taken the first big the fun begins!

Kristin Dudish said...

Congratulations on taking your first step - I look forward to following your journey! Wheeee!!!