Friday, January 27, 2012

Window displays

Earlier in the week I got to play at a friend's bakery in Mamaroneck. She opened it a year ago in March (I am so proud of her) and every few weeks i get to go in and play around in the window. Nothing professional or too glamorous (this is me talking after all) and I keep thinking everyone else would do it so much better, but I have fun and hope it makes at least a few people stop to take a second look.

From New Years and celebration theme ... 

To one of my favorite holidays ... 

It's been a long week with an even longer TO DO list (do they ever go away?) and today I was supposed to be in my studio for a few hours while Lexi is in pre-school ... but unusually for me I think it's time to find some order in the chaos that is home today, as I can't think straight anymore and need some tidyness around before the weekend arrives. I am hoping to get a few hours painting time on Sunday when hubby takes the kids (now I just have to tell him!).

If it's cold where you are too, I am wishing you warmth and cosy corners to nestle into - maybe a good book or some music on ... coffee ... gluhwein ... friends coming round.

Happy weekend everyone.


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