Monday, February 13, 2012

It's getting a little on the side of silly, the not being able to paint. Well, I could do it at 5.30 in the morning but my studio room is not heated and I am not feeling quite up to that challenge, just yet. But soon soon, if things don't shift. It has to do with a partner coming home late late and working weekends and still needing time to see friends and play with the sprogs. But it is a little silly ... 

Still ... altho today was not to be in a painting sense, I did play on pinterest and found lots of photos of gypsies and caravans for my travel-loving-soul. I discovered this amazing artist (thank you Nelly) and am blown away by her paintings. I have a series in my head, have had them for a while, just waiting till I am ready to start them ... and this was exactly what i needed to see today. Love it when that happens.

I received a box of Japanese chocolates today ... a surprise gift and I was really touched. Such attention to detail and beauty even in the little things. A country I would like to visit - one day.

And then there was the turning-on of Valentine's lights and having a dance party in our living room to Sheryl Crow ... feet stomping, Lexi (2) doing ' hip hop dancing mommy' and Hayden breakdancing on the coffee table. 

Really, all in all a pretty good day.


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