Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beaches and dandelions ...

Today our calendar was empty. Free. No long list of chores and things to do. Nowhere to be. No appointments. Nothing to buy, nothing to return. Not that I don't have lists in my head a million items long. Maybe not a million. But a lot. Many. No sooner is one crossed off than another two get added. The list expands and contracts but it's never done. Never complete. 

But today was a gorgeous sunny day and Hayden was in after-school till after 4.00 so the day was all ours, Lexi's and mine. We ignored all semblance of things we could be doing, should be doing ....

We painted in our pj's and ate cookies straight after breakfast. We drove to a little beach and played in the sand for hours with new friends. We ate Teddy grahams for lunch. We bought cupcakes on our way home (sense the sweet-tooth-theme here today). 

We checked out the new window display for spring. 

We took the time to see the sun play in the garden and we blew bubbles and wished on dandelions in the fading light. 

We had time to play in the playground at Hayden's school before he got out - not arriving just in the nick of time as usual. We listened to him telling us that he had had a good day. I was thinking that we did too.

Sometimes it's good to put the to-do list aside and to just be, in the day, for a day. 

Wishing you some sandy-sunny-painting-in-your-pj's time soon too.


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Mx said...

How do you do it. Love it. Mx