Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miracles out of messes ...

At my daughter's preschool ...

I hope so, because at the moment i'm kind of hanging onto this one.

Sometimes it's hard to see where the road is leading when you're deep in the woods and night is coming ... you have no map and you thought you knew the way but it's become clear that you took a turn somewhere back and you don't know which one it was that brought you here exactly but here you are. If only you could retrace your steps but it's gotten too dark and you can't go back. 

So you have no choice but to carry on and hope it's leading out of the woods or at least up, up onto a hill where there is still some light before the sun sets for the day and you have to camp in the forest overnight. Maybe up up on that hill you'll be able to see across the trees to where the sea shimmers in the fading light - and you'll think of the soft cool sand and the sea breezes blowing and you'll know you're almost there and something beautiful is waiting. 

In the middle of the forest, knee deep in mud and one shoe lost, backpack with lunch dropped in a river, dripping wet ... sometimes it's hard to have faith that it's all working out for the best and that there's a grand plan. Or maybe we have to really get lost in order to find our way again, or to be found. 

I'll let you know when I have that one figured out.


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