Saturday, April 28, 2012

Windy day ...

My daughter's pre-school is held on Church grounds on a busy road close to where we live. For all the years we have been here and I have driven past, before my son went to school there and now Lexi, i loved reading the signs they put up at the entrance to the grounds (as in this photo I blogged about previously). Hardly ever Bible verses, just quotes or words - sayings, thought provoking lines about how we live our lives, what to focus on. So many times the words have been unbelievably relevant and helped me to keep perspective or reminded me of something I was missing. Sometimes they just make me laugh. Or feel grateful. 

It was a windy windy day and I was on my way to the school, thinking about how the weather was affecting my plans to be outside in the afternoon with Lexi and re-planning my day in my head (not very happily I have to say). Feeling bogged down and heavy, so early in the day already. It's been a tough week and I have had a lot on my mind, lots to figure out. 

As i turned into the school, the sign at the Church caught my eye and there in letters at the very bottom, small and quiet, instead of Biblical references or life quotes were the words:

It's a good day to fly your kite.

Just like that, so simple and totally unexpected for the Church board, my mood lifted and I laughed out loud. Because that's exactly it. The ability to find the positive. Be surprised. Make gold out of straw. Find the good side. Like 'Pollyanna' which I read again and again as a little girl, even though she could be irritating. Her story held some valuable lessons, even for a girl-child. I needed that reminder to look up and see things differently. 

On a deeper level it was a reminder that sometimes in those very windy chapters of our lives when we have to tie things down to stop them blowing away, the wind can also be so liberating and free. It allows us to let go and blow out the cobwebs but also that sometimes there is a positive side to the battling and storming we go through. Something beautiful taking flight.

And so we headed outside on that windy windy afternoon and fly our kite we did.


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