Monday, May 28, 2012

On long weekends ...

Long weekends are the perfect time to do a little of this ...

To sit and watch and let the heat soak out all the stress and worrying. The mind stills and almost falls asleep. Lovely.

It's fun to play and dig ...

It's good to be reminded by little ones how to let go, to sing in the waves no matter who is listening, to dance in the water even when it's up to one's neck and one cannot swim. To shake and laugh and have the best time. Really embracing the moment.

It's a good time to do a little of this too ... practicing letting go.

Lately I have found it really hard to make the time to paint, not feeling inspired at all. I took Flora's course in February but am still working my way through the lessons now, months later ... thanking her for leaving the website open till now. She's such an inspiration, just what i needed. And her book arrived in the mail for me a little while ago too, so I have lots of beautiful words and pages to get me going.

On that note, some books I am waiting to buy .... this one, and this one too.
And from Flora's course I found this music and I am loving her album for painting to, but even at night when it's time to calm down and I happen to have this album playing, two crazy hooligan children suddenly quieten down and the house feels all blue-shadowed and peaceful and the fighting stops and everyone winds down. Aaaaaah.

On that note, in a quiet and early evening shadow filled house it's time to wind down and prepare for the week ahead. I wish you a good one.


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