Thursday, September 13, 2012

Around here at the end of summer ...

Around here we have started feeling the cool crisp early morning air that heralds the beginning of Fall ... summer is drawing to a close ... slowly slipping out in the warmth of sunny afternoons and chilly tiptoeing in of dusk time. 

I love the Fall ... especially here in New York where the seasons are so clearly different ... not like growing up in Durban where they blend together and leaves stay green all year round. Fall is yellow school buses and leaves turning shades of gold and red. Pumpkins and apple picking and smoke lazily curling out of chimneys. Fall is pumpkin pies and Halloween and all things fun and orange. It's just a great season for families with small children here in the States, and this year it's especially exciting because we have my mom coming to stay for a whole month ... such a treat. We are counting sleeps in my house.

Around here we are holding on to the last of the summer with time in the garden, playground outings and a trip to Jones Beach on Sunday - my first time there ... waves and good friends and hot sun beating. Bliss. 

We are settling into being back at school with its early morning starts and homework and the need for routine after weeks of doing what we felt like. There have been the obligatory tantrums and hitches along the way but we are slowly finding our groove again.

I am loving this online magazine which I found a while ago but never got to read - now I'm subscribed (best part, it's free) so won't miss another issue. 

Looking forward to the Fall issue of this stunning pulication too - beautiful writing and photos. In an age of online media and a glut of magazines and books on the market, it is lovely to hold something so solid and timeless ... a piece of art to page through. You can sometimes find copies in Anthropologie or local bookstores.

A new blog I am following ... found by a post on Kelly Rae's blog.

A painting course i would love to take ... and think i might just sign up for before it starts on Monday ... it's been a long time since i last had real time to work on my own stuff and i'm feeling a little stuck in so many ways - about painting and where i want to go with all of it, about career and whether or not to go back to work .. wanting to write and move forward and try new things .... maybe you feel the same and maybe this course might just help - just a little .... 

There are so many places to find inspiration online at the moment - gorgeous blogs and photos and magazines ... perfect for a new season which draws us in and makes us want to curl up on couches and hot chocolate, thinking and dreaming and making new plans.


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