Friday, September 7, 2012

Bucket List

Today i found this post - a new blog i haven't read before and this bucket list was one of the first pages I came to. I had to read it and love that i have done a few things on her list which I wouldn't have expected to BE on anyone's list ... and in a week where i really am feeling that my life needs some serious boosting and that i am still not famous = being totally worthless (just kidding) ... these are some things i can cross off from her list, even if they would not have been on mine  ... 

Eat a croissant in Paris
Play pooh sticks off the Official Pooh Bridge
Haven't had cream tea in Cornwell but I have had it at the Dorchester in London - does that count ?
Spend Christmas Day in my pyjamas (and drinking Dom Pedros at the same time makes it even better, for anyone attempting this one)
Live in the states for a year
Make something on a potter's wheel
Drink Dom Perignon champagne (Nobu baby)
Get rid of all the clothes in my wardrobe that are neither beautiful or functional
perfect the boiled egg
skinny dipping - but not with Lisa
snog in the rain
Stand under a waterfall
Send a message in a bottle
Walk in a bluebell wood

And so of course this leads me to wonder in all seriousness what would be on my bucket list .... something I have never actually done. There have been lists. Lists made at college where I dreamed of my future. Crazy things I used to have on my list but which have now disappeared (and with no regret) - aka parachuting. But maybe it's a good thing to do now, right in the middle of trying to figure out my way forward. So here it is in all its glory, to be revised i am sure but it's good to have a starting point.

Bucket List

write a novel and have it published / have an exhibition of my paintings / have a children's book published (my own story and illustrations) / buy and read a book of ee cummings poetry / make a bonfire on a beach again / go shopping in Marrakesh / ride a camel / swim with dolphins in the sea (or salt water at least, somewhere open and free) / start kayaking / see a manatee in real life / drive from the east coast to the west coast of America and include North Carolina in that drive / eat pasta in Italy / take photos in Bali / swim in the Maldives / walk a beach in the Turks and Caicos / buy a sari in India / own my own house - ideally by the beach but really a house in itself will do just nicely thank you / watch Casablanca / have an occasion to wear a ballgown / visit San Francisco / Take Hayden to Lego Land in England / See the stars over the Kruger Park / work for House and Leisure magazine in South Africa (dreams are allowed on here, right ?) / grow a vegetable garden / learn to make chicken pot pie / see the tulips in Amsterdam / Swing in a hammock in Mexico, at the home of a dear friend / Trace my family roots with a trip to Labrador / attend a painting retreat in France or Italy / Visit the Amazon / Take photos of the San in South Africa / Watch the sun set over the Grand Canyon / Spend a week in the Little Karoo / Go back to the Owl House, Nieu Bethesda (more on that later) / Work as an art therapist / this one is vague but it has something to do with South Africa and feeling like i am doing something for someone, somehow. As i said, it's still vague. Making a difference is i suppose what i am getting to on this one / Visit 7 continents (3 down, 4 to go) x

And for now that is it.

What would be on your list ?


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