Monday, September 17, 2012

Gratitude ...

If you can feel the breeze on your face and the grass wet under your feet
If you can run in the waves and hold grains of sand in the palm of your hand

If you can reach out and touch the one you love beside you
And bend down to kiss a sleeping cheek at night,
uncurl a hand from a cuddly toy and tuck in a stray curl,
If you get to kiss the bruises and the scrapes with magic kisses
in spite of the fights and not listening and tiring days sometimes

If you get brought flowers or stones or leaves turned gold in the fall

If the phone rings and there's a friendly voice
An email sent with love and care your way ...

If you can lose yourself in a book and imagine a life lived far away
If you get to travel and walk new places or if you don't 
but have a familiar and well loved landscape around you ...

If you are surrounded by family or have them far away, but family still
if you can speak your mind and give voice to your hopes

if you can sit and watch the sunset and have a moment of rare peace inside
Or lie under the stars at night and know what you believe

If you can feel the sun on your skin and smell the earth after the rain
and your prayers are sometimes answered ....

Be grateful today
Be present

Feel the strength and the frailty all at the same time, in perfect and sometimes not so perfect balance.


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