Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time by the sea ...

A beautiful week in Cape Cod. It has become something of a family tradition - a week by the sea in August. Living far away from home (South Africa), with none of the usual family time we had growing up, it means a lot to us to have our children grow up with a bond to places both here and in South Africa - and for us the connection to the Cape was an immediate falling in love the year we first went ... the feeling of familiarity and home when we return each year, but still every time there are new things to discover.

Not to say it's always perfect. I wish it was. There were fights and tantrums and the usual (and not so usual) family disagreements ... a couple of bad moods and stomping around. But there was more great time on the beach with the heat of the sun turning moods around. Building sandcastles, learning to boogie board. Watching children growing in confidence and having wonderful time with friends. Lying in the sun. Little feet paddling in the water trying to catch something in the net. Quiet early morning sunrise-watching on the beach, the water warm and sandy toes. Crabs. Shells. Silence. Space to breathe in and out again.

I got to lie on a striped couch and read to my heart's content, this beautiful book by my favorite author. So fitting. Drank coffee and ate loads of ice-cream.  Watched everyone go a little berry-brown and hair lightened from the sun. Got to potter around Chatham on a rainy morning, in and out of galleries and funky shops. Saw whales out at sea on a boat.

Got to reflect a little. A lot of the time i was thinking how much I love all of it - the sea, the sand and the heat. The quieter pace. How things are softer and more rounded, less sharp edges and less noise. Less frantic. How I belong somehow, there were barefoot is the norm and there is not so much reason to brush my hair every day. I wish we could buy just a little place right there and find work and sleep and read and daydream and catch our breaths, but not just on vacation. But it's enough for now that we get to go now and then, and recharge a little. 

Some signs i loved along the way but didn't get to photograph:

My heart belongs by the sea. 

I think that needs to be in a painting somewhere.

If you are more than barefoot, you are overdressed.

And now it's back to school and for me this time of year always feels more appropriate for new year resolutions than January does. Summer is slowly leaving and fall is on it's way. Time for new beginnings. And for me this is the time where soon both kids will be in school for at least some of the day - Lexi only for the mornings but still ... back before I had her, i had just started having time to myself - got back to painting after many many years of not. And then i was pregnant before things really got going and i knew it would be slow and all about family until she was in preschool. And now this big milestone is just around the corner. What am i going to do next ? I have been trying to keep my heart really really open, hoping something will fall into place - come clear out of the mist. That some of my questions will find answers.

So here's to the new school year (if you live this side of the equator) and to resolutions which allow for growth and adventure in a good way ... to new beginnings (starting with a new banner for my blog) ... here's to jaunts and sunsets with a glass of red wine in hand ... for feeling more ourselves and growing not up, but into - into ourselves, into who we want to be. Here's to midlife reflection being a positive thing and not meaning one has to toss everything to the wind and start again. Rather to be able to sift through the sand and to find the beautiful shells and stones to hold on to.




Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Silvs.

Sounds like you got exactly what you needed whilst away.
Over the last few years I've only managed little weekend get aways and even they help; some definitely more than others.

Great photos too!

One teeny tiny comment on the lovely new blog banner ... it's a bit huge! Some readers might find they have to scroll quite a bit to see it all. I bet you're on a massive mac screen like me? :)


Silvia Byrne said...

Thanks Pete ... the banner is the same size as before but have made it a bit smaller now - thanks for the comment x