Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Inspiration and Creativity

Feeling inspired ... or not ... it's an elusive thing sometimes, this creativity. One day you can feel like you are flying and another you can think it's time to call it a day and pack your art supplies or pens away.

But it's not just about painting or drawing or making art. It's about feeling a sense of connection and flow ... feeling that one is in the right place, doing the right thing for oneself ... feeling that the balance is as it should be ... 

We express our creativity, because all of us have it, in so many different ways. The way we approach our work and problem solving when something comes up. Decorating our homes. The clothes we choose and the jewellery we slip on. Cooking, gardening, taking photographs of the toes of a baby ... it's in the ideas we come up with for a project at school or an upcoming fundraiser or a way to get a new business off the ground ... a birthday party we are throwing, a change in life direction, a new career. It's in the photo albums we make or the vacation we plan.

Sometimes it feels like we're not in the flow at all. Nothing is coming to us, we're in that grey zone of not being able to move forward and being stuck. There are so many ways to try and nudge ourselves forward from that place, because even though there has to be an ebb and flow and we are not always going to feel inspired and on fire, we also want to feel like the pot is at least simmering while we carry on with the day to day work, and not burning itself dry and melting on the top of the stove.

For me, it's about trying something new - an online course in something I have never done, a new dance class or going swimming. Going to an art movie or a gallery. Just that change in routine. Meeting a new friend for coffee and a long chat. A new restaurant or meal tried out at home from that pile of recipe books gathering dust in the corner. Finding a new beach to walk on, a new town to explore, and just keeping an eye out for new ideas along the way. Sometimes they only come after. Re-arranging furniture and having a big clear out at home is another fun way to play and to see things in a new way. Doing some silly child like drawings with big crayons on huge sheets of paper. Doodling. And then of course there is the whole wealth of artists and people online to be inspired by (so long as it's not overwhelmed like i said before!), books and magazines to get lost in for a little while and to kick start some day dreaming.

Some of my little inspirations recently are ...
this artist i found who literally took my breath away.
Stunning photos. I'd like to read up on her a little more.
I love the vintage feel of some of the IKEA prints ... this one is gorgeous but wasn't in the store when we went on Saturday ... we bought the butterfly and dragonfly which I love, and framed them in large white frames.

And to leave off, this quote by Brene Brown came up in Mati and Willo's course I am doing at the moment and I wanted to share it with you ...
“Unused creativity  is not benign. It turns into grief, judgement and shame.”

Something to think about.

Here's wishing you a little dusting of inspiration today.


   Photos taken at the Children's Garden in the Botannical Gardens,Bronx, NY

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Anonymous said...

Lovely post, and it's come just at the moment I sat staring at my blog and a few saved drafts thinking... Now What?

It's all too often I dry up but you know what, this post of yours HAS inspired me and in particular, the "recipe books gathering dust in the corner". I'm going to take that and run with it. (the rest of) October's project: Cook a different recipe from my books every day.

Thank you! :)