Saturday, October 27, 2012

NY High Line

I have lived here for almost 6 years now but I still haven't fallen in love with Manhattan. Maybe it's because I never got to live in the City and lived in the suburbs from when we arrived - there are things I appreciate about it and it's been a real experience living close by, but I haven't connected with the city on any kind of emotional level like I hoped I would. Not like London, which never stopped surprising me, where there was always something new to discover, and which I unexpectedly fell for. Head over heels. Maybe because it was my first home overseas. Because I lived and worked there for 2 years. Because I pounded the pavements and knew parts of it in and out. Because it was my whole world for all that time - I felt so much more a part of it. Maybe because i was in my 20's and everything was new and exciting. In New York I feel exposed after being there for too long - for me it's a hard city with too much concrete and noise, the energy is too high, there are too many skyscrapers and not enough green or softness. I think i am the only person on the planet to feel this way, and the irony is that I live here. Funny how life works.

Sometimes it's important to see a different side of the city in order to appreciate it more fully, and today that's what happened. Today I walked the High Line for the first time, it's been on my wish list for a while now, and i saw the city in a whole new light. 

 The view from higher up is completely different - the beauty of the buildings and the streets is more visible from up there. Framed by grasses and trees along the way. 

There were surprises along the way ...

and gorgeous fall colors ...

The walkway was busy busy - everyone out to enjoy the fall air, a stroll in the green in a big city, a change in view. Children in Halloween costumes jumped and danced along.

 It was a lovely day out. We walked from Grand Central to 30th and 10th where the High line starts, and all the way down to 14th. A couple of rests were needed along the way but it felt good to be out and walking.

Coffee and a taxi back to the station ...

On the way we saw that the holiday market at Bryant Park had already opened so of course we had to stop to walk around and shop.

It was a lovely day. Sometimes that's all it takes - seeing something new, from a different perspective.


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Anonymous said...

That's ace! Sounds like a great way to experience the city and I bet you've started to appreciate it a little bit more now.