Monday, November 12, 2012

A little inspiration ...

Some of the things which have inspired me these past few weeks ...


i cannot stop listening to this song by Mindy Gledhill. I always seem to have one album i play over and over for a series of paintings or just for playing in my studio over a few weeks, and right now it's Anchor, the album this song comes from. i love this video too.


I found Canadian artist Dominique Fortin via Pinterest and her work is just beautiful ... her use of mixed media, the paint and photography ... and also the fairy tale - magical quality of her pieces .. haunting and beautiful all at once. Have a look at her portfolio.


A few weeks ago, I took Lexi and my mom to the NY Botannical Gardens and we were so excited to see these stunning sculptures by Manolo Valdes. A complete surprise, we just happened to be there ... and we were so glad we got to see these. 'Butterflies' (below) was the first one we saw, and definitely my favorite. They were positioned all around the gardens - incredibly beautiful.

Here's wishing you a little inspiration today. 


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