Friday, November 16, 2012

Today ...

Today ...

I am missing my broken-lens-by-accident-sorry-Mommy camera and waiting anxiously for a replacement to come in the mail. I am using my old camera which just is not the same. But then it has made me appreciate my broken one even more and i will be ever so happy to have it all nice-and-shiny-as-new again when the new lens arrives. I hope i ordered the right one.

Lexi had no school today and so we baked blueberry muffins and played with paper. We made paper crowns when her friend came to play and I made a tree which has grown into a forest. Inspired by these paper trees (and what a gorgeous magazine too) I am making them for the ABC Cakes winter window which is all pink, green and white this year. I have had more fun than i expected i would, and they are surprisingly easy to make. Scrapbook paper is still one of my favorite toys.

The same magazine had an advert for Jolie Marche's Etsy shop and I am totally in love with these cushions. I want to order almost all of them. I think I do not have that much space. But how I love them. Maybe I have space for one. Or two. For one day when i have a guest room ... 

I hung this painting up while I decide if I like it or not. And if it's finished. Not such a good photo - that camera thing. Just playing with paint after Flora's course. Light hearted. Nothing too serious or labored. 

I phoned my Mom who is back in South Africa - and how I miss having her here. It's hard. This living across the ocean so far away. I know some of you reading this will understand exactly what i mean. It takes time, the tearing away of the closeness and settling back into the norm again, and special as the time together is, it's so fleeting and always the lingering sadness of knowing it's ending soon and that one of us is climbing onto a plane to fly away. Back home. Although for me my heart is still there. So it's very very complicated. We have been talking about whether or not we should be going back. To be THERE for our family. When they need us we are far away. We cannot shoulder the day to day burdens and lend a hand where it's needed. All we can be is a voice over a long distance phone line and it's just not the same thing as saying 
'Hey, come over for coffee. I'll take care of that for you. Don't worry about it, we'll be there tomorrow to sort that out for you. I'll come with you. I can do it. I can be there. What time.' 
But we are here and it's home too and we have so many things which influence our decisions. Always all of that.

These are some photos of the last day we had together here before she left ... walking at Muscoot Farm in the sunshine before her very long flight home.

I read these lovely words (A blessing) and wanted to share them too.

And that is my 'today'. Hope yours is holding light and love.


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