Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday photos and making space ...

This week there has been a public holiday and a sick girl at home for a bit (all better again) ... not much time to take photographs but lots of cakes baked and long phone chats had and catching up on my Mondo Beyondo and Intuitive Lens online courses. I am loving them. And the community these courses nurtures always blows me away a little bit. Such support and sharing and openess. Just what i needed to start my new year off.

Just a few shots from the week - lots of playing around and learning.

The light lately has been so so beautiful in the late afternoon ...

Today in the Mondo Beyondo class i read a lesson on clearing and it's exactly what i need right now. Making space for new things. A new home. Maybe. A new project just beginning. Hopefully one I will see through. A new adventure. Please. Definitely. Maybe more than one. I hope. I am writing a list of dreams. Some of them feel impossible. But that is the whole point.

 (image from my pinterest boards and this link)

So here's to making spaces and clearing out clutter and things I don't need around me anymore. Unhealthy food I don't need in my cupboard. Toys no longer played with. Baskets of papers which have been lying around for weeks and months and sadly even years. It is true. I am feeling a very strong urge to pack up the house - all the books and drawings and lists of things I haven't done. I feel their weight and i need some light and clean spaces around me.A little while ago I gave away some paintings I no longer need and it felt really good. 

Have a lovely week.



Anonymous said...

Your words on travel almost made me cry. Almost. I'm a dude. Dudes don't cry, as the, er... song goes.

Your sentiments are so personal yet I know for a fact they are shared by so many. The need for security - especially with family - coupled with the desire to explore. The sense of adventure clawing at your soul, trying to escape and lead you by the hand.

As ever your words transport me.


Silvia Byrne said...

Pete. That means the world. Especially the almost crying. Thank you. x