Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Prinsloo Sisters from South Africa ...

I have always loved the ocean. Years ago I watched 'The Big Blue' and imagined myself diving. That dream hasn't happened for me (yet) but a few days ago I came across this incredible series about women. It's called 'I am Woman - Leap of Faith' and was made for South African television last year. The episodes are all online and I am slowly making my way through them. They are beautifully made and for me it's as much about the beauty and strength of these stories and the women who have lived them, as it is about re-learning some of the story of my own country, after having lived away for so many years that there is so much I no longer know. 

The one I wanted to tell you about today is the story of Hanli Prinsloo. Some of you may know her but if you don't, take a little peak into her underwater world. Not only is she a champion South African freediver but she teaches and speaks and has carved out an incredible life for herself. Here is a TED talk she gave at the end of last year. About remembering water. It's lovely.

Watch the 'I am Woman' episode online. Look at her underwater, alongside a whale, a shark. How beautiful she is. Listen to her speak and tell me something inside doesn't shift in you and start dreaming.

                      Image taken from Pinterest, via Hanli's website

And then there is her sister, Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe, who sculpts. One of her pieces is shown in the documentary and she talks about Hanli ... but then i discovered her website and she created a series of sculptures which were displayed in Cape Town as part of her MA. They tell a beautiful story ... you can find them here.

                   Image taken from Pinterest, via Marieke's website

These two women are more than inspiring me today and once again I am so grateful for the online world that allowed me to discover them for myself.


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