Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday inspiration ...

Just a few links for this sunny Friday (well, here in NY anyway) ... Much as I would love to grab photos from all these websites, I never feel comfortable doing that - but the links are all included here so you can check them out for yourself.

A new issue of MOYO is out (it's online and it's free) ... the paper issue.

I am looking forward to the new issue of Kinfolk magazine ... always beautiful and inspiring. It is available June 4th.

Loving anthropologie's home page right now - it's all summer and hot lazy afternoons. I have been waiting for years and years to go to Mexico (i am coming Peppi, i am, i am) and that's where the latest catalogue was shot. Just love browsing and window shopping online.

I love her work and her blog ... (Mae Chevrette) - i may have shared about her before. Based in Boston, she's all about the sea and travel - two of my favorite things. She has a shop on Etsy too, the link is on her website.

I found her site a few days ago (Milk Farm Road) and love the simplicity of her work. It's kind of inspiring. Love finding new blogs, new lives, new stories.

I subscribe to her blog already (Hands free Mama), but then today she was guest posting on Momastery and this is a lovely read ... for all you busy mamas out there. And if you go to her blog, read her most recent post on how to fill up a child - loved that too.

If you live in the States, you might know the HGTV design star show. A group of contestants go up against each other week by week in interior design challenges and each week someone gets voted out, until we have a winner. Emily Henderson was my fave from the start last year and she won. Now she has her own TV show and does freelancing design work on the side - i am really liking her blog ... her sense of humour and her very cool design ideas. Always a good place for a bit of inspiration on the home front.

Whether you're heading to the beach and enjoying the sunshine in the North, or bundling up for the colder weather in the South (hello Africa), I wish you a lovely and inspired weekend.


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