Friday, May 3, 2013

How it goes sometimes ...

It was the perfect kind of Friday afternoon. No activities, after a week which was way too busy and over scheduled, leaving us all cranky and tired. I have learnt my lesson - the mom who is usually so careful got carried away and now our weeks are spent rushing. Never again. So today was just perfect. A quiet afternoon at home, much needed. A gorgeous spring day with light dappling through the backyard trees. A pile of magazines and a fresh cup of coffee. An 8-year old playing Lego again - Iron Man flying through the garden. An almost-4 year old driving polly pockets to the beach and dipping fingers into the water in the sand table. 

I was sitting leafing through magazines and thinking what a perfect moment it was ... looking at beautiful rooms and day dreaming about a new home. Yes. Almost. Not wanting to jinx it just yet so holding my breath to share the details. But soon. Hopefully.  So lots of dreaming going on. Wall colors and furniture. And i was thinking that it's been a few days since i wrote and that maybe i would just post some photos of the light today and tell you what a lovely afternoon it was, the three of us chilling and doing our own thing, together.

And then there was the fight on the trampoline and the silence was shattered. He sat on her. She pulled his hair. One on time out. The other wailing at losing video games for the rest of the day after not listening as his mother shouted herself hoarse. I wonder what the neighbours think. That crazy lady. She's so nasty to her kids. Always yelling. So controlling. No wonder they call her mean.

And then there was more wailing about bathtime and what we were having for dinner. The precious golden hour over. It was lovely while it lasted. And tomorrow is another day and we get to try again. That's the beauty of it. That's what i am grateful for. Knowing perfect is hardly ever (except in the glossy magazines where life is staged anyway, and the perfect does not last) ... this is real life people and sometimes it's messy and a little up and down. And that's ok.

Wishing you a weekend of some tranquil moments in amidst the chaos. A little sunshine. A hot cup of coffee. A few glasses of sangria maybe. 

Cheers. x

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