Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To a new home ... (hopefully)

We are moving ... i think it's official. I am so worried about jinxing it - our track record is not that great. Not since we moved to the States anyway. But i think buying a fridge and a bed before getting the keys is more of a jinx than posting here and so i am taking a deep breath to share this with you.

It's been many years in the making. Years and months and days. Daydreaming of our own home. Watching HGTV and sighing in envy. We had a house in England and we sold it before we came here, thinking it would be ever so easy to just pick up where we had left off there. Not the case. But here we are.  On a new threshold. Less than a month to go.

A little nostalgic as boxes are packed and memories are stored away. This is the only home Hayden remembers. This is the home we brought Lexi back to after the hospital. It's where she has learnt to crawl and walk and laugh and talk and eat and sing and dance. It's wooden floors have born countless trails of sand and drips of water from outside playtimes. There have been car races and princess balls and dressing up as a fire fighter to save the day. Pizza playdates and late nights drinking wine. Long phone calls to friends and family far away. There has been finger painting and cakes with sprinkles and wrestling on the carpet and tantrums. Tears. Sulks. Loud peals of laughter. Yelling. Calling. Giggling. We're not a quiet family.

This is the house where i remembered how much i love to paint. Need to paint. And write. Where i woke up again. Where i brought home clothes with colour from the store instead of my London wardrobe of mainly black and grey. Where i watched the snow falling and listened to the silence. Watched the seasons coming in and out and the magnolia tree bursting into white bloom. Where easter eggs were hidden and candles burnt on Christmas trees. All the small daily parts of family life. It's been a good home to us. But we are off on another adventure.

So forgive my rare appearances. I am still here. I am on pinterest a LOT looking for ideas and inspiration. Dreaming of a garden. 

Thinking of dark blue walls for Hayden and finding pink paint swatches to meet with Lexi's approval. She is one tough customer. I am taking deep breaths when i get a bit panicky because we are going to have more space and a lot of trees. It's a lifestyle change to a more rural setting - a longer commute, a longer drive to see our friends. But more space and more green. It is new schools and so many changes. And at the moment it's all a mixture of sadness and anticipation in between boxes and more boxes and just waiting to get started.

I'll share photos and details once i'm not longer worried about the jinxing. And maybe some inspirations along the way. But for now, i'm off to pack another box. Wish me luck.


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