Thursday, August 22, 2013

Around here lately ....

It has been raining. So much. All summer long. Green wet days like how when we were growing up and misty in the mornings sometimes ... it reminds us of Kloof (South Africa). 

I rediscovered her music from my pile of cd's not listened to in a while and she matches my mood at the moment. Especially on rainy nights with the world quiet and dripping around me.

It's been a busy two months of projects around the house ... unpacking and sorting and painting walls. But the other night i finally got to sit down and watch a movie. This movie was playing. I have wanted to see it for a long time, and i'm so glad i did. Loved it. Watch the trailer if you haven't seen it. It's beautiful.

We are still surprised and ever so happy to find deer grazing in our garden. They appear in the early morning silence. They chase each other across the lawn. We come home at night to find them staring at us from behind the trees. There are at least two fawns, white spotted and bushy tailed. They are so quiet.

The inside of the house is looking a lot like this ...

But it is slowly starting to feel like home.

We've had visits from friends all the way from London (lovely lovely) and cousins coming to stay ... we've had time for the beach, a local carnival and cotton candy .. trips to the pool ... just hanging out. 

The pace has been slow and quiet and i've been trying to take it day by day and not worry too much about what comes next. There has been a lot of tea drinking on the deck ...

and time to teach someone to ride a big-boy-bike ...

I'm trying to savour the moments and just to breathe in and out. The to-do list is long but i'm just not looking at it too much.
For now, that's enough.

Wishing you a wonderful last few weeks of summer.


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