Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner .... the last of the leaves are falling fast and the landscape is shifting from reds and golds to brown. The deer in the woods have changed their coats and blend in with the trees and leafy ground now. Even though they munched a bright yellow 'mum' i planted by our mailbox (yes, every last bloom much to Lexi's disgust) ... i still love having them around. The two teenage boys as i like to think of them, have been chasing each other around the woods - too much energy, clearly. I see the doe watching them quietly as she grazes and I imagine her rolling her eyes to herself at all the charging around.

Today it's just a few Fall thoughts to send your way ... even tho things have felt a bit heavy and overwhelming this past week for close family and friends, and we have our own ups and downs over here, there is nothing quite like coloring with a 4 year old for an hour, or getting out the paints to do some fun arts and crafts to get the spirit lifted. We even made some painted Fall leaf-bugs and tied them to a branch in our dining room for some extra Fall decorating. We have been to our first 'trunk-or-treat' (that's right - cars have their trunks / boots decorated and the kids go from car to car instead of door to door) and there have been school Halloween events just in case a storm wrecks trick-or-treating on the night, as has happened the past few years. We are keeping our fingers crossed over here that costumes can be worn and candy collected on the 31st for the first time in a few years ... Harry Potter and a certain pink fairy princess would be very very grateful.
Happy Halloweeeeeeeen to you all.

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