Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dreams and under the table drawing ...

A few nights ago i was watching a travel show late at night ... some remote islands in the Pacific where few tourists go to visit. No big hotels or resorts there, just the sea and grassy island. It was beautiful and isolated and then all of a sudden as they were walking along towards a small village there was a family, sitting on a stone wall with their backpacks on, drinking water. Totally out of place, and noticeably tourists. They stopped to interview them - to see what they were doing so far off the beaten track, in this place.

There was a husband and wife and their daughter, who looked to be about 10. He looked up at the camera and said very simply that we all start out with a bunch of dreams of how we want our lives to look. And then real life takes over. There are jobs and houses and the dreams get put away. The one day one wakes up looking 40 in the face and one realizes that it's time to take those dreams out again and to try and make them happen.

That spoke to me so much. Those few minutes of film. Unrehearsed. Co-incidental. The family exploring islands he had waited his whole life to see. What a lovely lesson they were teaching their daughter too.

How easy it is. To put those dreams away. To think they're no longer relevant, that they're selfish, unrealistic, out of place. Dreams have a way of hanging on, somehow. They come back to remind us of who we wanted to be, how we wanted to be living. They show us what's important. It's not too late. They keep whispering to us until we listen. 

What did you dream of when you were 5 ? What did you secretly wish for when you left school and the world was wide open before you ?

What is your heart whispering to you even now, in the quiet moments (or shouting from the mountain tops) ?


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