Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

When we first arrived in the States i felt a bit uncomfortable about this holiday - I thought it celebrated European arrival in the States and coming from a country ripe with colonialism in its own history I had very mixed feelings about that - after all it didn't work out that well for all parties concerned. But then i learnt that it's really a celebration of the first harvest  shared between the pilgrims and the Native American Indians, who had helped them survive their first year by showing them how to plant corn, hunt and avoid poisonous plants.

Here's a bit of history if you're wanting to read up more detail, it's a great story ... 

We celebrated at Lexi's school with a feast last week and my favorite poem of the morning had to be:

'I'm a big fat turkey
You may not have my head.
I'll sit with you at dinner
And we'll eat a duck instead.'

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving today if you're celebrating ... and even if you're not, it's a lovely reminder to be mindful about what we are Thankful for. And to eat a bit of cornbread and pumpkin pie while we're at it.


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