Sunday, December 22, 2013

Today ...

Today was a gift ... after days of below-freezing it was in the 60's and so mild. Cloudy but no rain. The snow had all but melted, only a shrunken ball of body remained of Lexi's snowman, a white blob on the soggy lawn. But in spite of the amazingly mild weather it was one of those days. Sunday. Wanting to make the most of the last weekend before Christmas, wanting to do something festive to get into the holiday spirit. I wanted us to go into the City to see the windows and the tree at Rockefeller. The kids wanted to stay home after a busy day yesterday. Clint is in the city every day and just wanted us to do something together. We could not agree. We argued and changed our minds and just when the day threatened to go completely off the rails with tears (grown up ones this time) we ate an early lunch, left our coats and hats and gloves behind, and piled ourselves into the car. We headed for the beach. Sometimes tears and a blow-up have an unexpectedly good outcome.

The light was beautiful and the air was still. The day was soft greys and reflections in the water. The sand was strewn with shells. We built a sandcastle and threw a football and practiced skimming stones and walked along the water's edge. Some of us took photos and some of us got our boots and socks and pants wet. But it was worth it and dry clothes waited in the car. Some of us know how it's impossible to be by the water and not get wet. I used to be the same once upon a time.

Maybe tomorrow we'll head into the City and feel the Christmas spirit by walking the streets, but today, this was the perfect place for us to be.

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