Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter and Happy Holidays

Hello ... you'll see it was time for a bit of an update to the way things look here in this space ... a new blog header, some changes here and there. Usually spring is the time for changes but i like to mix it up now and then.

It's almost winter here. We wake up to crunchy frost outside, the world laced with crystals of white. The night draws in earlier - when i stand at the bus stop in the late afternoon the sun is slowly vanishing between the trees, starkly beautiful in blacks and greys against the glowing sky. My breath comes out misty and i huddle into my new winter coat, counting the minutes until I can be back inside. The old one from years ago in England just wasn't cutting it anymore, i think the padding all got flattened from so many washes ! The real cold isn't here yet, this is just the slow transition from fall to winter. The heating is on, we light the fire most nights and the smell outside reminds me of all things wonderful. Camping and beach fires ... being warm inside as the temperatures fall. It's the perfect time for the holiday season - one thing I do love about living here is that it's cold over Christmas ... we grew up eating salads and cold meats for the holidays in between diving into the pool when we could, but all the cards and images we associated with this time of year showed red robins and snow and Santa in the North Pole. Somehow this weather feels just right for this time of year - fairy lights and candles ... I love the thought of gl├╝hwein and candy canes, stockings hanging over the fireplace. Wreaths and Christmas trees and hot chocolate while the snow is falling. I know, I know ... I should be working for Hallmark. Still ... this time of year has something special to it despite the cold. Maybe it's the quietness of the season for me - we're huddled inside, not wanting to go out as much. We play more board games and read more books. We order pizza and watch Christmas movies on Sunday nights - a new family tradition I am loving. But it's also a time of introspection for me ... the natural inclination to withdraw as we turn inside and focus on the long winter ahead. And right now, I'm good with that. A little quiet time to figure out what to do next ... that's probably exactly what i need. And in between if i get tired of the quiet there are wreaths to make and cookies to bake, gifts to choose and reindeer to watch for, tramping quietly through the trees. 

Wishing you all the magic and beauty of the holiday season this year - whatever it is that you celebrate, and where.


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