Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday bits and pieces ...

Although it's snowing again as i write, soft flurries floating through the trees, the past two days the light has been flooding into the house, reminding me of summer afternoons. It was much needed and cheered me up no end. Made me feel energetic and ready to tackle a long list of 'to do's'.

I remember why i used to love January, once upon a time - when it meant the start of a new school year, a blank canvas, a new beginning. When i loved re-arranging and tidying and feeling organized for the year ahead. I read somewhere that because Pisceans are at the end and the beginning of the Zodiac cycle, we're particularly sensitive to beginnings and endings - both are bittersweet for us. Maybe that's part of my January Blues .... the sadness at the ending of one year, the beginning of a new one.

So i've decided to embrace the quiet mood and just to have this month as one of quiet time at home ... while the kids are in school i am slowly working my way around, room by room - sorting and tidying and re-arranging. Trying for less clutter and more space. For things to feel a bit more matched and less unfinished. The list of what i want to buy and change is long, but in the meantime, i'm trying to use what i have in the best way. Baskets, hanging art, just playing in the house. Already i feel better. Wish me luck though, the basement is next.

I'm making plans for coffee with friends - much needed this month.

I'm reading.

I must have known this time of year would find me slumped and lacking energy because i signed myself up for Mati's online painting course a few months ago, just to get myself playing with paint again after many months of not doing anything. I had forgotten all about it and it started this week. I'm still making space to work so am a bit behind already but plan on catching up this weekend. It meant more re-arranging ... the room which we thought would be my studio space is a sunroom / porch off the side of the house. A week or so ago it looked like this. 

Yep. That's snow covering everything. There are no windows, only screens so the snow got blown in. I need windows and insulation and - well a lot of things to finish off the space ... it's on the list of jobs to be done. So in the meantime the dining room will just have to do.

I changed the windows last week from holiday to winter wedding ... 

I also found two lovely South African blogs that have been a breath of fresh air. I know, I know. A long post on letting go and all of that. I know. But it's complicated and it's still home and even though i'm trying to be more emotionally present here, there still holds my heart and it's lovely to be able to read some day to day life stories from the other side of the ocean.

Midlands Musings
Disco Pants Blog

I think that's it folks.

Happy weekend.

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