Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

2014 We've ushered you in. With huge street parties and silver-ball-dropping in front of cheering crowds. With fireworks and raised glasses and huddled pink-cheeked singing in the cold. On mountain tops and beside the sea, quiet ocean breezes whispering the promises a new year holds. In quiet houses, children asleep, fire softly rustling, dreams floating in the darkness. With family. With friends. Alone in the silence. With hope. With joy. With relief. With worry. With sadness. With regret. With determination. In all our different ways we've celebrated an end and a new beginning. 

Here's wishing for a beautiful sparkly bright and happy one. That the sad may be less than the happy, that the brightest might be lighter than the darkest. That there's someone to share the load with, sit down at the end of a long day with, hold your hand in the hour before dawn with. That there's singing and laughing and a lot of silly dancing around the kitchen. That there is beauty and magic and long coffees and big slices of cake. That there is quiet and the hum of life. That there is busy but also time for reflection.

For myself I don't have a long list of resolutions but there is a little list growing of what i'd like this year to hold for me. A vegetable garden and new recipes. More walking and a lot more dancing. Painting. Writing. Being brave enough to step out of the shadows and to push myself. Listening to my heart. Following my instincts. Being more sure of what to do next. Being afraid and doing it anyway. Feeling alive again. More adventures. New horizons. Less safe and isolated, more part-of. Letting go of the things I need to, and holding on to the ones I should not let go of. Red wine and long conversations. New friendships. Long coffees. Good books. New music. Feeling more myself inside my skin. Having this house feel like my home. Not someone else's. More playing. Less yelling. Patience. Hope. A vision. Direction. 

No pressure or anything !

Here's raising a glass and throwing a hand of sparkle your way.

Happy New Year.


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