Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Taking time to see the beauty

This morning the light was beautiful. We were driving to preschool and the sun was just stretching fingers out across the snow. Gone was the cloudy icy grey of the past days. Grasses, dusted with white, were touched with morning gold. Trees stood black and stark against the white. And i was thinking that instead of grumping and moaning about the cold and how much i am not in the mood for winter, i should be grateful for the beauty around me. I've forgotten to be grateful lately. Sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes it takes a bit of effort. Instead of sitting inside complaining and making excuses, i could remember to take my camera and stretch my legs outside my comfort zone, and capture some of the beauty around me. The roads i was driving on were difficult to revisit on foot but when i got home i took my camera and went for a little walk down my road. I remembered to stop and look and captured what i was seeing. And walking down the road i found a stillness in the air. I saw deer tracks and I took a few minutes to appreciate what's right under my nose. For once I didn't mind my wet feet or my fingers numb from the cold, or that I had to jump into pile of snow each time a car flew by.

Sometimes we just need to change our perspective and see things with fresh eyes. Get our feet dirty. Go wandering.


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