Friday, January 24, 2014

Things making me happy right now ....

Friday again ... and it's still COLD. Very very cold. Today it's 9 outside (that's - 12 folks, in the place i come from). Cold. It's the kind of cold that slices straight through to the core and no layers seem to be enough. The snow is beautiful but after a few days it has me dreaming of spring and warmth and buds on the trees and daffodils shaking dusty tendrils off and snaking out of the ground.

But till then .. tho i dream of spring, here are a few things making me happy lately ...

* Fresh flowers in the house .. i forgot how happy they make me.

* The deer coming to visit ... we've been marking the seasons by the way their coats have changed in color over the past months. They are beautiful. 

* Playing around with rooms and things in the house, starting to feel like we're making it our own. I've got very little creative energy right now - maybe it's the season or the fact that my painting room is once again blown full of snow. But i'm starting to build up energy again to finish tackling the long list of home projects we have going on. Half finished things like painting the stair treads and spindles, pulling up the carpet on the basement stairs and painting them in shades of blue. Hanging up curtains in the kids rooms so that hopefully they'll sleep longer when the sun rises early again. In the spring. Oh sweet sweet spring. Never have i awaited spring as eagerly as i am this year. Even the kids are asking when it's coming. How many sleeps ? When will it be warm enough to go swimming.

* Starting to hang up artwork around the house. This involves a LOT of nails being hammered in and taken out again, polyfilla and patching of paint as i try and play and change my mind. But it's all part of the process. And as i am the one making the holes AND fixing the mistakes, no one is complaining. Just as well (for them). This is a piece i had started on last year just as a little painting, and stopped. I gave it to Lexi and she turned it into something beautiful. I think she's already an amazing artist and I also think that collaborating with my 4 year old might just be the way to go. She has a lot to teach me.

* It's the time of year for going through all our photos from the past 12 months. I do it ritually every January (when i'm organized, or in this case - there is snow outside and it's the perfect thing to be doing when we're house bound). I print out copies for both kids of the photos capturing memories special for them from the past year and make one scrapbook for each of them. Sometimes I do them online but for while they're still little (like Lexi) i like the gluing and cutting of actual paper in a scrapbook ... i add in cards and messages and ticket stubs and drawings and it's messy and colourful and hopefully for them, a little reminder of the years as they go. Now that Hayden is bigger i wanted to condense the books somehow - i can just imagine him leaving for college and me handing him a huge heavy box of 18 scrapbooks. So not cool. Now that he's 9 i'm changing track to the 'We R Memory Keepers' album from Target. It has clear pockets which hold 6 x 4 photos and also clear scrapbook sized pockets so you can add as many as you like and change the order around too ... they sell scrapbook papers to fit the pockets so it's a fun and easy way to create memory pages without the need for layouts or filling a whole scrapbook. It's similiar to the Project Life series, available on Amazon - this was just nice and easy for me to pick up during my weekly shop. This way i can add just a few pages for each year so that the pile i hand him when he moves out of the house will be more manageable. He'll thank me someday, i know he will.

I love this project though ... it reminds me of all the adventures and memories we have had over the past year which is a good thing in a month when i'm forward-focused and wanting vacations and new things and this and that and apt to feeling slightly grumpy at not having everything i want RIGHT NOW. It's a good reminder of the seasons past, the cycles passing, how quickly the children are growing, how often it really is the little things we remember the most - the bowl of cake mix we licked out, the barbeque on a lazy sunny afternoon, a day at the beach, a snowball fight, a good visit with friends. A gentle reminder to appreciate those things more - the ordinary moments of the everyday - they're the ones i end up choosing for my albums each year. So it's a fitting project for the first month of the year for me. Plus i get to give myself a giant noddy-badge for clearing hundreds of photos off my computer and archiving them away. Big achievement all round.

That's it for today folks. Last night i was thinking that i should set myself a creative project for the year since it's been 2 years since i started writing in this quiet corner, a way to push myself a little - like ... a drawing a day. Poems. Creaive stuff i actually have to share. I do work best under deadlines after all. But ... nah ... i'm not quite there yet. So for now ... i'm off to drink another cup of tea and bundle up in a million layers on my way out. 

A little quote to share with you ... by Solbeam.

And music i'm just in the right mood for at the moment ... maybe it's time to buy the album (belatedly, but still). There are surprisingly few original music videos from him but here's a song i love ....

Happy weekend to all of you.

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