Thursday, April 17, 2014

German candy filled Easter eggs ...

When i was growing up, one of my favorite Easter traditions was the hand painted Easter eggs my mom made each year. This is an old German tradition where normal hen eggs are emptied out and painted, then filled with sweets / candy for Easter. 

It's a little late to be posting this, just days before Easter, but if i don't do it now i'll forget again next year !

When you're about to use eggs for baking or making scrambled eggs, take a normal knife and gently tap one end of it until the shell cracks. Carefully pick small pieces of the shell away until you have a hole about the size of a small coin. Rinse the inside of the egg out with lukewarm water, and place them on a piece of paper towel or dish rack to dry out completely. I store mine in an old egg carton and gradually add to the collection in the weeks leading up to Easter.

What you will need once you are ready to make your eggs :
*  some bottles / glasses to stand the eggs in while they dry
*  straws
*  paintbrushes, craft / acryllic paint (slightly runny quality is best)
*  water for rinsing
*  Markers and stickers and glitters can be used too
*  acryllic based varnish / Modge Podge for sealing the paint
*  bags of the candy you want to fill the eggs with
*  raisons or cotton wool and tape OR tin foil and glue for closing the eggs 

The wonderful thing about making these is that it really can be a craft activity for the whole family and it's great to let younger kids decorate eggs too, even if it's just a bunch of colored scribbles they make.

1) Insert a straw into the egg and hold in place as you paint each one in a base color - white works well, as do lighter colors like yellow, pink and pale green.  You can choose a color scheme for a batch, like pastels or pinks and yellows, or just paint them all white and add the accents in brighter colors after. Modern schemes like grays and neon pinks would look beautiful too.

2) Once each egg has been painted, stand it on the straw in a glass / jar to dry.

3) Then the fun begins. Decorate each egg with flowers, rabbits, modern swirls, butterflies, hearts, scribbles or stickers. Have fun - experiment - you will find your own patterns and style the more you do them. 

Put each one back on its straw in the glass / jar to dry completely.

4) Varnish each egg carefully and allow to dry.

5) Once dry, place each egg opening side upwards, in an egg carton. 

6) Fill with candy - jellybeans, M&M's, skittles, raisons, pieces of chocolate all work well - you want candy that is small enough to fit into the opening of the egg easily.

7) Once the egg is full, the top can be sealed with cotton wool or raisons as they can be tightly packed into any spaces, and then sealed with two pieces of tape, crossed over. You can also use small squares / circles of tin foil / parchment paper for baking - add non-toxic paper glue to the edges and press into place.

These are perfect for Easter baskets, for decorating the table at breakfast, and for Easter Egg hunts as the coat of varnish means the paint will not run if they're lying somewhere damp outside.

Happy Easter !


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