Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What i love about summer ....

To those of you in the Southern reaches of the world, dreaming of sunshine and warm blankets, cooking soup and stews and making fires ... i hope you stay warm in the winter cold - i wish you good books and slow cups of coffee. Chocolate and red wine. Today tho, i'm celebrating summer because we get such a short time each year of hot sun and blue skies, and so we have to celebrate it. And we are. There is no shortage of summer-lovin-gratitude going on here.

So without further ado, here's what summer means around here.

Finally making a start on the vegetable garden. 
A start i said. It will take time.

                                        Lavendar blooming ....

Blueberries ripening ...

Throwing leftovers into a salad.
Eating more healthily.

                  Daytrips. We drove to Cold Springs, NY on Sunday for a little            
                       afternoon wondering the streets and eating ice-cream. 
                   It was lovely to find a new place to explore. I've missed that.

Trips to the beach have been planned.
The hammock has been dyed and is ready for long afternoons
in the shade, with a book.
The pool is open and the water is almost warm enough for the 
grown-ups to go in. The smaller ones among us seem to not
mind blue lips and chattering teeth.

 Wishing you a wonderful summer if you're on the Northern side of things. 
Here's to pinterest boards of aqua blue and deep waters, island living and afternoon naps, sandy feet and seashells gathered on long walks on the beach.


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