Friday, February 20, 2015

On the power of great writers and saying farewell ...

Earlier this month, South Africa lost one of her greatest writers. I remember reading 'A Dry White Season' at age 13 and how it changed everything for me. Growing up in Apartheid South Africa, Andre Brink's books were a voice from the other side - he shone a light for white South Africans onto the reality of what was happening politically. Although his writing was often brutal and shocking, a simmering undercurrent of violence in his stories, I have read most of the books he wrote, even though some of them still haunt me. That is the point I believe. He tackled the issues in our country head on, and for a young impressionable white girl growing up fairly protected, he exposed the underbelly of human hatred and intolerance in a way no one else has, for me, in quite the same way. 

I will always be grateful for that first book, and to my Mother for handing it to me. For the Afrikaans teacher who came afterwards, reading banned poetry and books that were not on our conservative syllabus. For the Drama teacher who took us to protest theater and read us Athol Fugarde and made sure we questioned. Everything.

There are many articles in tribute online, here is just one of them.

After the past week with the chaotic State of the Nation address in South African parliament, there is still a very long way to go and the battle is far from won. 

An interesting blog post on the Disco Pants today.

And this speech, which has done the rounds on email and the internet. Wonderful.

A friend sent me a link to this festival coming up in May. I think I need to go.

And i am flying home for the first time in three years ... just a very short trip, on my own, which feels huge ... 

So much on my mind.