Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The best laid plans and all that ....

I was meant to be packing a suitcase, piles of clothes and gifts laid out on the bed. Carefully deliberating how many snacks to take in my hand luggage for that meal they always skip out when they suddenly switch to African time just as we're gearing up for dinner and not quite ready to sleep (or missing a meal) ... which books, which magazines. Folding gifts up in t-shirts and wondering how it was all going to fit. 

I haven't been back to South Africa in three years and the timing seemed so perfect ... after all, grandmothers don't turn 95 every day. It's been too long and I've been homesick and it was time to be on African soil again. And a trip on my own ... what a luxury.

But sometimes life doesn't go according to plan, no matter how well made. It serves me right for booking a flight to land on Friday 13th. What was I thinking, tempting the Fates. 

Just a tooth or two and now I need to stay and have a bit more time to let things work out.

And so today I'm trying to find silver linings and go with the flow and not stamp my feet too much. I am all grown up (mostly) after all. 

So I did what grown-up girls do and bought myself flowers, and then I am going to sit down and read all the lovely magazines I had ordered as presents for everyone else, back home. And bake milk tart. What else is a girl to do.

Happy almost-Spring everyone.

Here's to adventures that really do happen ... even if they don't happen quite when we wanted them to.