Friday, July 10, 2015

Around here lately ...

There have been playroom walls painted and time spent chilling at home. It's been a little cold and rainy and not quite summer most days. Not as much time at the pool as we had hoped. But there were playdates and a sleepover and a short football camp. We are taking things slow, day by day. This summer. No big plans, no rushing around. Nice and easy.

He made us all breakfast. On his own.

The first blueberries are ripe. I found a recipe for lemon and blueberry bread and pretty much ate the whole loaf myself. It tasted of summer. Delicious.

A lovely gift from our neighbors for letting us look after their dog. We should be thanking them. The perfect summer thank you.

A Sunday morning on the beach. Just the littlest and I. Much needed.

A local outing for the 4th July.

This girl.

She loves animals. More specifically - rabbits, dogs, turkeys and horses. She has been begging for riding lessons for a long time. Waiting and waiting.

This past week we signed her up for her first lesson. She had to have boots. Cowgirl boots. No sneakers. I wasn't sure we'd find any instore, in the middle of summer, but there they were, just waiting for her. One pair, in her size.
She has only taken them off to sleep.

My beautiful American girl.